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Llama2D: A finetune of LLama2 on web interaction data

In September I attended the AGI House SF’s hackathon on launching your own ‘custom llm’. The day started with some speakers from Ray, Gradient Ventures, and perhaps most surprisingly, Kawal Ghandi from the office of the CTO at Google:

Kawal Ghandi

Many of the technical details can be found In my friend Rohan’s X post. However, here’s a high level solution architecture image: Team Picture

Rohan’s interests lie in Web Interaction Agents, so for me, this presented a great opportunity to get familiar with some of the popular webscraping tools (playwright, selenium).

Overall we had a pretty fun time hacking together. We got a quick team picture in the middle of it all: Team Picture

Chris Settles

Chris Settles

Technologist, ML for Fraud @ Uber.