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Welcome! I’m Chris, thanks for visiting my page. 🌐

I’m a Machine Learning Engineer currently in San Francisco. During the day I work on building machine learning models for the Risk team at Uber. By nights and weekends I’m an avid hacker - building everything under the sun. You can catch me at a hackathon on weekends in San Francisco, or standing in line for my free oatmilk vanilla latte on weekdays at the office. 🌞

I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), where I completed the bachelor’s of science in computer science as well as the masters of computer science programs. During my graduate program I worked as a research assistant inside Sanmi Koyejo’s lab on Trustworthy AI. During that time I focused my time supporting a research initative to aid hospitals in diagnosing COVID-19 by building a secure federated learning solution for hospitals to collaboratively train computer vision models on patient data without violating HIPAA compliances (Arxiv).

Early interests in computers

Growing up in Illinois, my passion for computers started when my mom bought my older sister and I the roller coaster tycoon game for the PC and I started figuring out how to fix the Blue Screen of Death errors. 🎮

After that, my childhood video game preference went from the Legend of Zelda, to Runescape , to all the versions of Halo from Halo 3 onward, and finishing in high school with Minecraft. At that time a high school teacher presented to our class about how learning computer programming could make you better at playing video games. I was sold, and although today I am still not any better at no-scoping opponents in Halo than I was when I was 14, I’m still hoping one day I might get there. 🌟

Still, computer programming stuck with me. It spawned out of my interest in wanting to learn how people think. I originally wanted to go to college to study psychology, but after I heard about how people could program “Intelligence Artificially”, my curiousity shifted from trying to understand people to instead trying to teach computers to understand people! 🤖

Starting in Software

Prior to attending UIUC I assumed I would only ever be able to get a job in a government research lab, since I had never met someone who was a computer programmer for a regular company. After getting to UIUC I found out that people actually needed computer programmers everywhere for these jobs called “Software Engineers”. Within weeks of arriving at UIUC I talked to the team recruiting for Bank of America Software Engineering and they gave me an internship for the summer. 💼

I got an internship interview offer from Uber the following year by voulenteering at a Career fair, bringing water to the Uber engineer who had a line of about 100 people waiting to talk with, and while there asking if he could review my resume ‘real quick’ while I dropped off some water. They gave me the job interview 2 days later and an offer 2 days after that. 🚗

Since then, I finished a stint at Google where I got to improve some of Google’s security best practices for compliance management, finished up a 5 year Master’s in Computer Science Program, and then joined Uber to work on defending the company from various different cyber threats and fraudsters that want to take advantage of the company. 🛡️

My Work Today

I enjoy sharing my work with others as best as I can! You can find any publicly made available personal and professional projects I’ve gotten the chance to share on my projects page. I also enjoy reading about what types of problems others are working on, please reach out if there is anything you would like to share with me, or if you would like to chat about any of the work I’m interested in. 📚


My interests are: Machine Learning, Distributed Systems, ML Infrastructure, Growth Hacking, Lofi remixes, Running, Rowing, and goofing around with friends. 😄